Rich’s Best Film of the Year for 2019: Parasite (no spoilers)

Park So-dam and Choi Woo-shik are in for some bad business.  

Don’t mistake me for any kind of devoted movie critic. Every year I miss dozens of deserving films, and subject myself to scads of garbage. That said, I do see enough flicks every year that I know from experience that the typical list of Best Picture nominees is a joke.  For example, this year why isn’t Just Mercy on the Best Picture list?  And while it was enjoyable enough, why is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood on that list?  

However, there is one movie that is on the Academy’s list and it might be the best thing I’ve seen all year: Parasite.  A Korean ‘thriller’ that defies being pigeonholed into any one genre.  Black comedy?  Thriller?  Horror?  Social satire?  Soap Opera? All of these and more.  A sophisticated take-down of social norms, a morality play, a seemingly cynical Tarrantino-esque blood sport with a gordian plot that would make Hitchcock jealous.  

I can’t recommend this film enough, but can’t write another word more without spoiling it.  Go see it or stream it!